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Want to know the 7 top digital marketing trends for the year 2019? Follow this Digital Marketing trends blog that can help you stay on the leading edge of the digital marketing. This can make sure that you are ahead of the crowd and you will get the lion share of clicks and conversions.

  1. Facebook ads will become more expensive: Facebook ads are going to continue to get more expensive. There are several reasons why this is happening as below:
  • In 2017 Facebook started running out of the ad inventory inside of their newsfeed product. This means, if you are advertiser buying space in the newsfeed, they actually for certain demographics didn’t have enough content published from the users to mix in the advertisements with. Since it’s an auction platform which means supply and demand takes over and the price goes up. This is not true for every segment, but for the big-time segments that a lot of people focus on it is mix that with the fact that the number of monthly active subscriber’s growth has slowed significantly. The number of people leaving Facebook because of the privacy scandals going on is also not helping this situation.
  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission): FTC in the United States who is looking at potentially putting a fine on Facebook for some of their data breaches. It’s been leaked that might be one of the largest fines they have ever placed on a corporation.  So it seems like Facebook is going to meet with great fines and they want to make up that money from advertisers.

2. Conversion Rate Optimization: People who have been all in Facebook advertising and they’re watching their ad costs go up. This means cost per lead (CPL) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is going up. What can you, as a digital marketer or business owner do to fight that? Well! Split testing!

Conversion rate optimization is a huge way for you to get more leads and more sales with the same ad budget. More and more businesses are going to realize that they are putting tons of money and energy into content marketing and they should extract more leads with

  1. split tests and
  2. opt-in pages 
  3. Call to actions
  4. Sales Pages

This way we can make sure that we are maximizing the return on energy or an ad spend.

3. More Digital Marketers Publishing on Youtube: There are some astounding statistics about Youtube. It has currently running users of about 18 billion active monthly users. YouTube does have a fairly large segment of users who use their platform who never actually log in. Because, YouTube videos can be embedded in blog posts and watch their videos without ever logging in. YouTube has a fairly large number of viewers in the age group of 18 to 34 years. From the standpoint of Digital Marketers, creating a blog and get content written and publishing costs nothing. This way, billions of spam blogs are present. Whereas, YouTube, no one dares to be in front of the camera and spam. This way, there is a great opportunity for the business people to produce the quality and videos and promote their business.

4. Pod cast Listeners are increasing: In today’s lifestyle, no one has literally time to sit and read books. With podcast audios, people can start listening to audios while they do their routing works. This part of leading online digital marketing strategies are growing its roots more deep.

5. Omni Channel marketing: Big brands and big businesses are no longer on only one platform which was Facebook. Many of big businesses are spreading their money across many different channels. The theory is that, even though you are doing brand based advertising, the fact that you’re showing up more often in more places and you’re getting exposure for your brand, its story and its content on many different platforms really increases the trust that your audience has with your brand.

Because we expect brands that are trustworthy to be everywhere. This is why many big businesses run pay-per-click ads, Pinterest pins to get more reach, pay-per-view ads on YouTube, to reach larger demographic segments along with Facebook.

6. Increased Focus on the power of brand: When you become the default person or default brand that users search on the search engines it actually helps your rankings for all of your keywords phrases.

For example: When someone goes to YouTube and searches ”Spreadon Technologies a Digital marketing companies in Bangalore” or “Spreadon Technologies Digital Marketing company” YouTube is realizing that Spreadon Technologies is a brand with a keyword associated with it. As more and more people search brand associated with an information they want, it actually increases the authority of the entire channel.

The same cane be true on a blog. If someone searches for any brand, then that will increase the rankings of all their hundreds of keywords. This will boost up the traffic coming from the organic side.

7. Greater demand for Digital marketing Help:  What is the meaning of Digital Marketing help? This is in alignment with local businesses, local marketing agencies running the Google my business kind of optimization as well as helping the local businesses get on the map packs. It helps getting them more reviews, creating reviews system so people can get better reviews for local businesses. But this goes way beyond local businesses to be honest. There is more need now than ever for podcast editing services, professional video editing services for individuals to go work with YouTube influencers and help them take their videos viral by creating a 60 sec short videos.

All different companies that use digital marketing need continued support irrespective of their business type. They may local SEO Agency, local wordpress consultant, so that they can rank better for their core keywords.

This way you can take all your knowledge and interests in the world of Digital Marketing and apply it to local businesses, digital businesses. etc

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