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Anchor Texts For Upswing in Organic Ranking,

An Anchor text is a clickable word or phrase with hyperlink to it i.e. clicking on certain text / phrase takes on to linked page / site directly.

These anchor text are clearly visible as underlined & blue colored as per most common web standards however color and underline can be changed as required. These are also known as link label or link title. Anchor text can be easily created either by hyperlinking certain text to targeted website or by means of coding. This hyperlink can be link to another document / page on the same website or some page on another website.

Anchor text appearance

Impact of anchor text in SEO:

Anchor text help extensively in SEO practice for creating authority to the linked page. Search engine considers these links through anchor texts similar to incoming links. This way search Engine understands topic, relevancy and popularity of the linked page thus improved ranking. Proper use of Anchor text help linked page rank higher for these key words in Search Engines.

Types of anchor texts:

Proper usage of anchor text requires clear understanding and strategy to use them. More on different types of anchor text,

  • Generic :
    • Usage of regular / normal anchor texts like, “Click here”, “go here”, ‘about the author”, “check this out”, “here”, “this page”, etc.
  • Brand match :
    • Brand names itself are used as the anchor text. Ex. “go green” as anchor word for an business with brand name GO GREEN.
  • Naked link :
    • Using URL for anchor text. Ex. “” as anchor text for business GO GREEN.
  • Partial match :
    • Partial use of keywords in anchor text. Ex. “approach to go green” for business with Go Green concept.
  • Exact match :
    • Herein anchor text is exact match of keyword. Ex “link building” as anchor for link building keyword. This kind of anchor text are most important & common in SEO practice but also vulnerable for getting penalized by search engine.

Optimizing anchor texts:

Usage of anchor text for websites rank improvement needs lot of planning i.e. optimizing anchor texts. Following are few of the points to be kept in mind while sprinkling anchor texts on website,

  • Anchor text keyword density
  • Target page relevancy
  • Use of different types of anchor texts
  • Anchor text distribution
  • One way anchor text back links
  • Anchor text repetition
  • Avoid linking to spammy sites.

Avoid using entire sentence or complete paragraph as Anchor Text. Also if anchor texts are not used correctly it may backfire for organic search traffic or even land penalties at times.

It’s necessary to create naturalist in flow of anchor text on website and witness the upswing in Search Engine organic ranking.

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