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Beauty of Citation Building in SEO

In general for getting recognition every business (product/service) has to popularize his presence in market and among the customers. There are few off line options available for marketing but its most effective to sail in a boat that of clients. And today that’s internet. Today if businesses can’t be found on web its like no where.

Similarly, on these ground Local citation is an Online process of mentioning Name, Address and Phone number of Business on Local Business Directories, Websites & Apps and Social platforms i.e. these citations are online references to business. These citations help internet users and businesses discover services / products offered by this business and thus improves Search Engine Ranking by providing credible source of information.

Citation building is one of major SEO strategy and beneficial in multiple ways,

  • Online searches for your products / services categories or even otherwise, gets you that identity and recognition,
  • Contact details published in citations helps clients / businesses contact you.
  • Updating map location along with citations serves easy navigation for clients to pin point exact business location
  • A brief description of business / products / services along with citations gives an  overview of business.
  • Mentioning website enables understand products & services in detail by visiting Websites
  • Most importantly, similar to any other links to your Website, Google considers these citations for evaluating online authority of Website and further improves SERP ranking. These citations help Google create confidence, legitimates and relevancy to what is said about your business from multiple sources.

Procedural Approach To Business Citations,

  • The exact details according to Website(Google My Business Listing) are taken and recorded in order of NAP (Name, Address & Phone number) along with other company details like working hours, social site links, Logo etc. Its most important to maintain 100% consistency & exact match of NAP for not confuse Google crawling and loosing out.
  • Process of creating citations is not about publishing business data on each every sites, apps or search engine. The process of citations needs choosing correct platforms and sites. Its more advisable to select quality platforms based on,
    • major Search Engines,
    • Directories that serve as open platform for any business marketing,
    • Sites relevant to product / service
    • scope of business & geographical location
  • These organization data (NAP) are uploaded in form of Business entities on these platforms. Most of the sites require creating an account with them. Once these basic set ups are done business profile can be created maintaining NAP and other business details in respective sections.
  • Every citation requires unique description of product/service.
  • While building Citations, an excel sheet has to be maintained for keeping track of updates & status and avoid any duplication. Another file for maintaining uniqueness of descriptions.
  • Administrators of these site verifies every listing created on their sites and approves. This process may take few hours or may even take couple of days/weeks.
  • Once Citation is approved, same URL can be pinged to invite Search engine for crawling.

Note : Bad data or inconsistent details can mislead clients and create negative impression.

This web based reference of business is an extremely powerful and sensible approach for building SEO. Once citation profile is created one need not worry untill any  business information changes.

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