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Content Writing An Important Aspect Of SEO

Customer is god.

First impression is last impression.

This holds good even in digital world. Websites are created and published with all information and lucrative visuals for customers to appreciate and like. These websites have all that is needed to educate customers about the products / services and their salient features. But do they all convert customers?

Why to have quality content?

great business content writing word

Customers do online search and try lists of websites appearing on SERP. They have all the liberty to check all the website and make selections. But one particular site that emerges as best solution to their requirement gets registered in their mind and there is no going back. Every time any need arises, this website gets first preference to meet their requirement before trying on to any other site.

This scenario of creating impression in customers preview, catching customer attraction and getting him to visit website again & again, can only be done by having great content on website.

Content & SEO, hand in hand

Content is the most integral part of SEO,

The engaging, quality, relevant and focused content can make all the difference in popularity and organic ranking of websites
Search engine values these attributes of sites liked by customers and based on quality and relevancy of content organic ranking gets assigned
Back links play major role in off page optimization and quality of content helps in getting more & more links
Great content delivering value are favored by social media and social networking sites. Thus social validation helps in improving organic rank

What drives content writing?

Contents should be engaging, unique, informative but more importantly content should be drafted based on certain rules that support SEO practice and together help in improving websites organic ranking. Content writer has to be capable enough to understand requirement of customers and functionality of search engine to create content that fits in and does the wonders.

Benchmark for writing content:

Contents are everywhere like on corporate websites, blogs, e-newsletters, an advertisement, email either on web or mobile and every content is unique but certain rules drive the process of content writing.

Few of the key points for writing any content are,

  • Thinking from customers point of view
  • Need to match customers actual requirements
  • Understanding customer’s way of online search topics
  • Doing proper and correct key word research
  • With these basics in mind, content has to be drafted around these key words

Its said that it takes less than one minute for visitor to decide whether to stick to website or not. So the content has to be so organized that it starts with addressing the issue and offers an solution to problem. This keeps customer engaging and finally converts customer by doing the required action like buying, filling form, registering etc. But if content fails to impress visiting customers whole purpose goes in vain.

If one is wondering why his / her website & marketing efforts are not giving ROI, content should be reviewed first.

It takes lot of time & efforts for adequate search, writing and editing  content for different audiences.

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