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LinkedIn is professional social platform to develop network which can be used to create awareness of products & services and realize business out of it.

Before saying about marketing with LinkedIn lets understand the tremendous power of this & its impact on market & business.

Importance of LinkedIn platform among all other social media,

LinkedIn was conceptualized with approach to bring together professionals working in various segments & the ease of sharing information between them & among various groups. It allowed to create professional profile (along with personal details) to reach & meet one & all from the targeted segments. The information & details were floated & shared with the intent of connecting to right people & exchanging opinions. So having LinkedIn profile helped people locate on web.

Thus making it a preferred platform for businesses, employers, job seekers, free lancers etc around the globe (more than 300 million users today & increasing with every passing day).

As it’s evident today that most professionals have their profiles updated with LinkedIn & same being widely adopted & followed by companies & corporate. This brings in opportunity to reach most of them at once by rightly listing your product or services with all your expertise & all relevant information on LinkedIn.

This way the information about  products & services gets shared across all the members & houses and creating awareness. There are plenty of tools & sites that can be used for marketing any business on social media still LinkedIn is main one to be targeted for growing business for more Leads, traffic & better sales.

Successful LinkedIn Marketing strategies,

Few basics to be followed each & every time,

  • Content Posting on LinkedIn Page:

Regularly posting quality contents using catchy captions, high resolution images etc keeps followers engaged, makes them to visit your page more frequently & have them updated on information on you page.

  • Optimizing LinkedIn Page:

Imagine if one has updated great content & in depth details of products & services on his LinkedIn page but if these  details are not found & seen online, the whole purpose of LinkedIn marketing fails. So important aspect of LinkedIn marketing is to optimizing it’s page according to search engine requirements. Profiles meeting search engine essentials & regularities are easily searched, traced, viewed & followed more number of times on web and doing wonders to businesses. This way one can be rest sure of growth of business.

  • Completing the profile:

Updating with all the correct & relevant information of yourself, products & services in detail like logo, websites, locations, contact numbers, etc. Once profile looks like complete, do click on overview button to glance your profile which will be seen by the whole world. If necessary, make all necessary corrections in your profile to make it look professional & competitive.

  • More & More contacts:

Try reaching more & more people & connect with all possible, irrespective of your industry, nature of work, region, etc. As your network grows simultaneously chances & opportunity also expands & grows.

  1. One can possibly send personalized connection request or reach out to people part of certain groups based on product, service, belongings, region, etc.
  2. Another way might be using advanced search, review contact of your connections, etc.
  3. Look into page settings & fine tuning helps reaching more & more peoples.
  • Do follow others and recommend them:

Show interest & spend time in conversation with your connections & try to engage with them. It’s like developing an active link that is always up & running.

  • Do endorse people for their works & achievements:

Even be a connector by introducing them to your connection & vise-versa.

How to do LinkedIn Ads,

LinkedIn has salient features & settings that enable targeting particular segments, regions languages, etc & create ads. It allows to create many a types of ads depending on the way one want to target market.

Few of ads formats are,

Dynamic Ads :

These kind of ads are highly engaging & effective for traffic to page / company page. Its dynamic feature fetches information & generates ads. Ex : Job opening ads.

Text Ads :

These are very similar to Google ads & one can create multiple ads every campaign & easy to keep track of.

Lead generation :

Collecting leads from ads using predefined Forms.

Content related Ad Forms :

These ads gets placed directly in users news feeds & brings more traffic.

“These multiple type of ads help to plan ad formats that suits best to your goals”

LinkedIn Analytics:

This tool enables us to analyse performance & all the features assisting our ads. Also gives us an opportunity to understand the factors that needs to be corrected for better performance of ads.

Using this feature one can get all relevant data for running ads & targeted users like,

  • Age range,
  • Gender
  • Location, etc

This platform has unique ability to reach & connect high profile connections in companies as it has groups targeting feature.

Similarly it gives a way to  reach high network individuals (HNI).

This enables B2B & B2C targeting & convert into business. Ex :  Ads for selling Villas worth of few Crores has to reach correct audience to get genuine lead & generate business out of Ad.

With these data in hand one can correct their ads targeting & other settings to make most out of LinkedIn marketing.

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