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Digital marketing is promotion of products, brands & services via electronic media. It’s communicating marketing values to customers using digital tools. It’s the real time nature of today’s Digital marketing that has propelled it into another dimension.

USP of Digital marketing:

Campaigns done using Digital marketing methods & channels, can be analysed in real time for what strategy  is working & what isn’t. As digital media is everywhere & consumer can access information where even, when ever & how ever they want it, Digital marketing has better reach irrespective of any boundaries.

The speed of immediacy of digital combined with power of advanced analytics makes it possible to measure, monitor & test campaign performance on the fly, to know what works. Marketers make use of all the available data to create successful Digital Marketing campaign for best marketing results.

Today it’s not just about the awareness of a brand that matter most but also what others say or reviews about the brand. Today reality is that consumers are more likely to consider brands which,

  • they can trust,
  • Companies that know them,
  • Communications that are Personalised & Relavent,
  • Answers to their Tailor made Needs & Preferences,

Digital marketing is one step solution that can help deliver all these.

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing relies mostly on tools & mediums like news papers, Radio, TV, Magazine, Bill board, Direct mail or any form of print. On the other hand Digital marketing is made up of tools like search engine Marketing, Social media, this content marketing like Blogging, Article or video creation, Email marketing & Online pay-per-clicks Advertising.

Digital marketing prevails over Traditional Marketing as,

  1. More Cost Efficient,
  2. Effective,
  3. Analyzable,
  4. Measurable,
  5. Monitored,
  6. Tested for various strategies,
  7. Deliver results on much faster rate,

Does Digital Marketing work?


Traditionally done with well strategically designed & execution, it given results but with limited scope. On the other hand online is a pretty big bag of customers across globe and targeting them through Digital marketing can’t be avoided. Its is more about the tools & strategies behind them. Internet is the channel mostly associated with Digital marketing another channels aren’t important.

In Digital Marketing what does it take to set right strategic decision,

Three basic actions for successful strategies are,

  1. Managing complex Customer relations across channels both across Digital & Traditional,
  2. Responding to & initiating dynamic customer interactions,
  3. Extracting values from big data

Also knowing your customer in not just enough, you must know better than any one else so that you can communicate with them where, when & how they will be more receptive to your message. Consolidating their preferences & expectations across all channels. These information help in consistent coordinated customer experience that will move along in their buying cycle.

Future of Digital Marketing

As consumer media consumption trends continues to shift dramatically away from traditional and more & more towards digital content, there will be a time it will no longer be referred as digital marketing but just as marketing.

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